Jul 7th

Finding my Style and Brand

This past weekend I formatted my latest session. Although newborn photography requires patience, it is also very rewarding. While formatting the photographs of this newborn session, I realized where my heart is and the style that is coming natural to me.

I knew that my style is unconventional, and maybe frowned upon by the PPA because the lighting and composition are outside the professional box. But I am totally fine with that. As I stated, I have been trying to find my style and looked at other photographers. Although I received inspiration from photographers like my husband, Erin McFarland, Sal Cincotta, Kristy Dickerson, Jasmine Star, and Jeff Ascough, I had to find my own style and brand.

What I realized was that I love to shoot more ‘in-the-moment’, truly capturing life as it happens. Although these images are ‘staged’, they still represent a relationship between the people photographed. Let me show you some examples from my past shoots what I mean:

Sneak Peek - Newborn June 2014



Kendall & Kyla

Hestan and Brothers

Lisa & Susi

Although I love all the images my clients receive from me, the above images represent my brand and make my heart beat faster when pulling them up on my computer. These images may never win a professional award, but they are images that captured a split second of someone’s life. I truly believe that God has blessed me with a talent, releasing the shutter at just the right time. I will continue to work on my style; refining the technical side of it. My style may not speak to everyone; that is okay. However I am very, very thankful for clients who appreciate my style and continue to book my services for their memories.

Until next time…keep Smiling 🙂 – T.G.T.G.


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